Black Adam: What do we know so far about Dwayne Johnson's DC passion project?

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock has been working on the development of the movie Black Adam based on DC's character of the same name for years now. He first announced his excitement to play this DC anti-hero for the first time back in 2014. While many years have passed since then, the Black Adam movie is currently in post-production and slated to release in summer 2022.

While there are several speculations about this movie by the fans, here is a look back at all the things we about the character as well as everything revealed in the DC Fandome event recently.

A brief recap on the character:

Black Adam was originally a slave in the city of Kahndaq around 5000 years ago. During his time as a slave, he was known by the name of Teth Adam. Similar to Shazam, he was also granted the powers of God by the Wizard thus winning the epithet "The Mighty Adam".

Once he gained his powers, he went to liberate and rule Kahndaq by delivering his own brand of justice and acting as the judge, jury and executioner. Thus, his atrocities earned him the name of Black Adam.

The wizard regarded it as an abuse of the powers that he granted to Adam. Thus, Adam was imprisoned in purgatory for 5000 years.

This movie will likely follow Black Adam as he breaks free from his imprisonment 5000 years later in the current DCEU timeline alongside Shazam.

In the comic books, Black Adam is the archnemesis of the DC superhero Shazam. This movie can possibly set the path of that enmity in the DCEU as well.

Black Adam is also mighty powerful since he is not guided by the moral compass of a hero. So, he is even able to go toe to toe with characters like Superman without any hesitation. The Rock has even expressed his desire to see his character go out against Superman in future movies.

The movie introduces JSA Characters:

Black Adam will also introduce several characters of JSA or Justice Society of America to the DCEU. These characters are likely to go against Black Adam to stop him from his rampage.

Pierce Brosnan will play the role of Dr Fate. Dr Fate is a DC superhero who is a master of mystic arts and wears a golden helmet which provides him with his mystic prowess.

Noah Centineo is going to play the role of Atom Smasher. Having gained his powers from his evil grandfather Cyclotron, this DC comics character has the power to grow in size. According to the actor, the character will go through a profound change throughout the movie.

DC Fandome also introduced Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone. Originally the granddaughter of the superhero Red Tornado, Cyclone will also join the fight against Adam to preserve truth and justice.

The last cast member to be introduced in the DC fan event was Aldis Hodge. He plays the role of DC superhero Hawkman. Black Adam will be true to the comic book origins of the character by introducing him as an archaeologist and a reincarnation of an Egyptian prince on the big screen.

Teen actor Bodhi Sabongui has also been cast in a secret role though it is not clear what character he plays in the movie. Though the fans are speculating that he might be playing a young version of Adam.

While not much is known about the movie other than it will open in theatres in the summer of 2022, the fans now need to wait till the first trailer drops to get some more insight.