About Us

We see you there! You are visiting the “About Us” page and we don’t usually see you in this part of the website. Well, of course, we can’t complain, there are so many “cooler” things to explore on the other pages. Trying to learn “About Us,” we surely are going to debunk some secrets. Keep surfing and we say hello from the other side. It’s the Panda love we have for you that keeps us going!


Why Sassy Panda?

Did you know a Panda’s eye is different from normal bears? Well, we have them too. The eyes to find and supply different and unique items for you. It’s the curiosity and playfulness of a young panda that inspired us to find unique products. From household needs to stationery and everything in between like toys, office stationery, kitchen items, gifts we have all of them. Sassy Panda loves you and it’s the biggest kind of love in the world. Wondering what’s “Panda love”, find it out to see yourself smiling.


How Sassy Panda was born? The Team

We are true to our name Sassy Panda and we have engraved the idea in our hearts since the very beginning. Down to the core, we are extremely different people but we are bound by the idea of creation. We are your Panda team of 3 who have been courageous from the very beginning and what started with a dream is now a reality. Our founding members come from different backgrounds but they are conjoined together with the same vision. 

Rishtey mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai, naam hai Shahenshaah”, not literally but that’s how our leader is. The man behind the eye-catchy designs and creations has the eyes to make any idea come to life. As much as he loves designing, he is our true Shahenshaah for other reasons as well. “Designing ka knowledge, clothing ka knowledge, bechne ka knowledge, in sab se bantey hai hum Badshah”, he is the true powerhouse. The designs he creates sells because he knows how to sell and that helped largely in the success of SassyPanda. He also has the eyes to pick the finest material that we use in our clothing line.

 Designing ka creative dimaag aur software ka knowledge toh thik hai, par funding k bina business kaise chalega?  Well, we have our founding member without whom the business would have stayed only an idea. He invests in out of the box businesses and settles for the best. He keeps the team together and makes everyone a part of this big panda family.

Bade se bada business…paise se nahi, ek bade idea se bada hota hai and that’s how our young and visionary digital marketer is. His ideas are different and helps SassyPanda stay the sassiest on the internet. He knows sahi business problems nahi, solutions bechte hai and with his strategies he is making sure of Sassy Panda’s presence. Come join our panda family and where we think different, make work fun and let you be lazy, just like the Pandas.

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